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Professions at risk for varicose veins and poor vein health

It is important to realize that some professions make you prone to vein diseases like spider veins, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency

Most of these occupations require the person to stand for long periods of time with little time to sit and rest:

1. Lift man

2. Traffic police

3. Chefs/ cooks

4. Guards

5. Courier boy

6. Waiters in restaurants

7. Teachers

8. Surgeons, interns

9. Flight attendants

10. Beauticians

11. Retail sales employee

Jobs requiring prolonged standing aren't the only ones that can damage veins. Desk jobs and those that require long periods of sitting also impede blood return to your heart.

So what do I do?

Changing or stopping the work is never a feasible option for many.

Make time for activities that give your legs relief from the constant strain:

  • Do some activity after regular intervals

  • Elevating your legs on a stool or a desk whenever possible

  • Performing calf and ankle exercises to help the foot and calf pump if confined to a small area. Read about exercises...

  • Changing positions every few minutes

  • Avoid high heels and tight clothes

  • If you have a job which requires standing, sit when you can

  • Avoid crossing your feet and legs

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