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Class 2 Compression stockings for varicose veins- things to know.

Compression stockings are garments are prescribed to people who are suffering from venous disorders like varicose veins, deep venous thrombosis or people who suffer from calf pain due to long periods of standing or sitting.

  • Purchase the compression stockings only as per prescription as compression stockings differ in the grade of compression, material, and its length.

  • It is best to buy a Graduated compression stockings which is dispensed to you after measuring your ankle , calf, knee and thigh circumference.

  • Ideally compression stockings need to be worn daily along the entire day. You can wear the compression stockings after having a bath up till you go to sleep. You can remove the compression stockings before going to sleep.

  • Applying talcum powder before wearing stockings will ease the process of wearing the stockings.

  • Most of the compression stockings are washable. You can read the instructions on the packet of compression stockings regarding the washing of the material.

  • While wearing the compression stockings please take care that your nails do not damage the fabric. It is advisable to trim your nails regularly so that you don't damage the stockings. You could also wear a knitted hand gloves for wearing the stockings.

  • Incase wearing the stockings is troublesome and difficult, you can take help of someone to wear the stockings. You can also use the so called Butler device to wear the stockings. For senior citizens, if there is no help available, you can order a customized stockings with a chain zipper or Velcro. These may be suboptimal in delivering compression, however something is better than nothing is some situations.

  • You can wear a regular socks over the stockings so that you don't dirty your stockings while walking around.

  • Most of the compression stockings have silicone band on its upper end to prevent it from falling down. If you experience pain itching or bruising due to the silicon beads, you can use a small soft tissue paper to cover the inner side of the silicon so that the silicon doesn't come in direct contact with your skin.

  • Remember that compression stockings work by its Elastic compressive effect. Please replace the stockings when they get old or when they lose elasticity.

You can buy Compression Stockings by calling - 8169101026

If you are able to take the required measurements, you can order online from Amazon


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