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Get Rid of those Spider Veins... and get those shorts and skirts back into your wardrobe!

Although usually just a cosmetic problem spider veins can cause symptoms like burning pain and itching.

The best treatment for thread veins is microsclerotherapy, but this must be done properly.

In general spider veins take longer to get rid of than large varicose veins do. You may need several treatment sessions.

 It can take a few days or even weeks for the thread veins to disappear again permanently after sclerotherapy.  You may get a tiny "blood blister" look to the treated veins or some brown marks. These will settle eventually. 

Serious reactions are very rare but a few patients (less than 1%) develop tiny ulcers. These will heal but can leave tiny whitish scars.

So if you happen to have spider veins and want to get rid of it, DON'T WORRY!  It's just a small painless procedure. So go out and  flaunt your legs !

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