Advantages of Laser varicose vein treatments.

EVLT is a nonsurgical treatment for varicose veins in which we make a small pin hole into the vein and pass our tiny laser to ablate the abnormal vein, hence there is very little pain and quick recovery.

Getting your varicose veins treated with laser gives you lot of advantages :

  1. Minimally invasive. Laser varicose vein treatment needs only a small pinhole size entry into the vein under local anaesthesia. Its so tiny that it doesnt even leave a scar.

  2. Safe, Quick, effective

  3. very minimal downtime. 

  4. You can get going the very same day, most of the times

  5. Very minimal or virtually painless procedure which can be done at out patient basis.

  6. Safe for aged & surgically unfit also

  7. No general anaesthesia

  8. Walk in & walk out procedure

  9. High success rate & rapid recovery. You could come and walk away after your procedure in just 3 to 4 hours. 

Getting Varicose veins treated can mean a whole new life to your legs and you will enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest, not getting bothered by the varicose veins and its pain!