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Why should you see a vein specialist?

Specialists who treat veins and dedicate themselves to phlebology are trained to detect underlying vein disease and varicose vein complications right away. With early diagnosis, preventive measures may be offered by your vein specialist to slow disease progression which will reduce the symptoms. Vein specialist may also recommend suitable interventions to help your legs look and feel better while reducing the risks of complications. Such planned interventions help in improving your quality of life.

Visible varicose and spider veins with symptoms of heaviness, aching, swelling, itching, burning, stinging along with cramps in the legs at night and restless leg often lead to seeing a vein specialist. Simple in office evaluations of the leg veins which include clinical examination, Doppler study and office based procedures are offered to correct the underlying cause of the vein problem and the visible surface changes.

When you visit a vein specialist your legs can look and feel better while decreasing the risks of other complications of varicose veins like bleeding, blackening on starting suitable treatment. Any bleeding from varicose veins requires the attention of a medical specialist right away and can be prevented by seeing a vein specialist before the condition becomes severe.

A healthcare provider who specializes in the treatment of venous diseases as their primary focus is more likely to notice and treat the early signs of venous disease before skin changes occur that signal the development of an ulcer.

Visit us at our clinic(call 8169101026) in Thane for detailed examination and Doppler study so that your leg vein disease can be mapped and appropriate treatment measures offered.

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